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People don’t trust each other, it’s in our genes to be cautious, so we look for social proof, the psychological term describing all potential customer’s need to hear or see other people share their experiences.  Then, they feel more confident to buy from you.

Why?  Because we all need to see the point of view of the customer who wrote the review, and compare it to the ongoing consistency of the type of reviews.

An example to make this point obvious.

1 Star Business Review - “I was at a birthday party. The Brazilian BBQ was awful.  The smell and the people were bumping into you all the time.  I did not like this place.”

No concern here.  What you need to know is the customer who wrote this review was a vegetarian and Brazilian BBQ is known for ample amounts of meat in a huge eat-as-much-as-you-can style of service. Not really a “Qualified Reviewer”.

So, instead of spending wasted dollars on shoving that bad review down and building all those other fake sites to fill in for your keyword and black seo hat madness….

Instead of that nonsense, hire professionals to support you and built it naturally.

Yes, build up all your Yelp reviews, Google Plus reviews, and City Search, etc., the same way…naturally.  Successful businesses treat their reputation with respect.

In this post, we will offer three reputation management tips to consider in your campaign.  We hope this has been a new perspective on your business marketing.

3 Top Helpful Reputation Management Tips

  1. Create feedback portals that keep you closer to clients experiences.  It’s far better to capture a negative review and transform it into a decent review before it even hits the pixels of the world wide web.
  2. Reputation is still based on real people experiencing service.  The online Yelp, City Search, Google, and Google Plus reviews can be honest feedback for your firm and employees to shift or improve a process.  In our minds, we think of it as gold.  See the whole and fill it.
  3.  Hire someone who speaks your native language to manage your profit-building reputation and monitor your reviews.  This will help a great deal when understanding a client’s post in context.

Your last question please.

What about bad reviews online from competitors or pissed clients?  The real answer,  give excellent service and those very few and seldom 1 and 2 star reviews with average up into the 4 and 5 star reviews.

That’s when a new customer trusts their decision to work with you.  When, they see mostly strong and positive feedback about your company.  We forgive a few mistakes.

Hope this has been a helpful start or addition to your search for online reputation management services.  The best strategy is to mix some reputation software with real people interacting with it.

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Facebook Poster and Reputation Review Tools 1 Location 2 Locations 3 Locations 4 Locations
Custom Branded Reputation Feedback Page
Facebook Page postings
Training Vids
Build Out Each Location Review Page
Instant Review Alert
REVIEW SYSTEM SET UP One-time 300 400 500 600
REVIEW TOOLS MONTHLY Monthly 350 550 750 850
Mobile Tablet Review Kiosk In Shop
Up to 3 tablets per location
 The system reboots the IP address after each in-person
Must be 4g connected.
Create android app for each location
REQUIRED *Client buy their own mobile tablets
Add GB to Data service.
MOBILE KIOSK SET UP One-time 350 750 1100 1450
KIOSK MONTHLY Monthly 150 300 450 600
Review Tools and Mobile Kiosk
Total Set up 650 1150 1600 2050
Total Monthly 500 850 1200 1450

Google Calendar Invites Review – ‘Gvites’ is Better Marketing Positioning


Top 3 Reasons Google Calendar Invites Rock

Google Invites or as I prefer to call them, Gvites are very useful.

1) They pull from your Google Contacts and auto fill in Participants.

2) It auto syncs with your Google Mobile Calender.

3) You can enter specific notes into the description about the meetings.

All three of those reasons rock on any system. There are more reasons it rocks ,as well as why it does not. However, this conversation is about “How Google Markets It’s Products” and where they miss.

The Google+ Plus platform has been lackluster in many ways. It’s biggest complaint from users is that it’s clunky to move around in. That whole having to login over and over thing. And duplicates. Oh my!

For all the data they have on all us, the least they could do is perfect Multi-User Logins.

That in my humble internet user opinion, is The Big G’s biggest issue. It’s tools are clunky. Even in AdWords I’ll be doing a quick edit and the campaign tools on my 17″ screen on Chrome are getting cut off 20% of the time….so I can’t do some commands. That’s bad building and the Negative Nancy view.

This is when it works….

AdWords marketing campaign we ran for a client.

AdWords marketing campaign we ran for a client.


On the Bright Bill view, the Google Calendar Tool is cool in many ways. It’s useful. It’s mostly easy to schedule and edit events. You can even create a specifically named calendar for unique group events.

The challenge for Google, I’m suggesting, is that the name is not cool. It does NOT roll off the tongue. So, people don’t want to use things that are hard to say. Yes? Of course yes.

I use Goooo-gle Cal-en-dar

Let’s add another layer of, Why People Won’t Say Your Product Name?

I’m sending you a Goo-gle Cal-en-dar In-vite

Wow. 7 Syllables and 20 letter character to say the product name. Now, when you see and hear it like that you got something to gargle with.  Too long and too much. Not cool.

Option? What would update the cool Google brand of that cool tool and even make it cooler to say and use?

As their marketing consultant, I would suggest calling it a Gvite.

I sent you a Gvite. 6 syllables for the whole sentence. Now, that’s Millennia friendly.

Cool and short, like the rest of cultural trends right now. Quick and clean.

I invite anyone and everyone to share this idea with Google people they know. Maybe with a healthy consulting fee, “I could pay for my ho-ney-moooooon”.


Author – Gabriel DiCristofaro – Mr DiCristofaro has been an entrepreneur since he was eight years old and solicited snow shoveling jobs in Indianapolis for $1-3 per driveway.

Lesson learned. Always pre-negotiate.

He runs 2 companies: a marketing consulting firm and his personal coaching venture with his wife, , which involves social psychology, the core of all business and marketing.

Business Oceans has been actively profiting for 8 years now, allowing him to usually work 20-30 hours per week while being able to provide valuable consultation to execs and business owners.


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