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Business Oceans Marketing is offering a $100 referral gift card, when you send us a new client.

$100 Gift Card Details

  • New Client must sign up for 3 or more months of SEO, PPC, Social Media or Internet Consulting Services.
  • When they first call us, they must mention your name, phone number and address (so we can send you the card).
  • After they’ve paid for their 3rd month of service, we’ll send you $100 gift card as a Thank you.

It’s that easy.

We appreciate your support.

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Offer is good until May 30, 2014


How to Internet Market your Business Website?

The best way to internet market your business is simple, first build a website. Note that just because you’ve built the website, so have 10,000 other competing businesses in your same industry.

For example, let’s randomly do a search on “training videos“. Notice that just under the search field on Google, it shows their are “About 785,000,000 results”. That’s a lot of competition.

How do you internet market with that many websites? Good question. The simple answer is start with a good internet market plan.

Some people who are new at internet marketing usually jump into pay-per-click advertising or organic search engine optimization by either looking for the cheapest service or they do it themselves.

DIY is fine if someone has the time to research and learn about those marketing channels. It’s very difficult if someone just wants to point and click their way to the top with little effort. That’s unrealistic.

The reason I mention the 785 million competing websites is so that you can see the true nature of what the landscape is like competing for top slots on Google. Obviously, less for Regional Terms (Denver, Chicago, Los Angeles). National terms can be a healthy challenge.

Here are some basic steps to internet market:

  1. Hire a consultant to write an Internet Marketing Plan
    • It should include basic steps and explanations for each of the internet strategies.
  2. Keyword Research on the industry keywords
    • See which keywords have more people searching and less competing websites.
  3. Buy a Domain Name
  4. Hosting
  5. Build the website
  6. Write Content for the Website
  7. Install Google Analytics on Website
  8. Marketing the Website
  9. Track results and adjust marketing strategies.

Whether you are marketing a website with organic seo, landing page optimization, pay-per-click advertising or video marketing, you must know the keyword landscape for your target audience of customers. Keep reading and choose the best plan to get started.

How to Start an Internet Marketing Campaign for your Small Business? Top 3

Hello, my name is Gabriel Dicristofaro. I am the founder of Business Oceans Marketing.

I learned and studied about Google and search engine marketing way back in the college intern years. Internet marketing has grown quite a bit since then. I am 42 as of this writing and always interested in collaborating on new internet campaigns.

  1. The first most important part of business is the bottomline.
  2. The second most important part of business are customers.

Confused? You should be. Those 2 sentences are inverted on purpose. That’s how some marketing campaigns are run…with confused priorities. Of course, the correct answer is customers. If you have no customers, there is no bottomline to calculate.

Whether the business goals are customer expansion or increasing money, the most important part of internet business is being found by customers looking for a specific service or product.

Each product and service is different. Even within the same company. Business Oceans Marketing is here to handling marketing business…and enjoy the ride.

That’s why every marketing campaign deserves its own voice and flavor. Personalized marketing strategies for an individual business.

That’s really where to start. Find your voice. Gruff for dirt bike racing rentals. Alluring for a fine dining restaurant. Crisp for industry contracting. All different customer types. All different flavors.

The TOP 3 first steps recommended for Marketing:

  1. Set a budget estimate on paper for the first 6 months. Do NOT count future sales created from the new marking campaign in this budget. It’s an investment of current capital and campaigns take some time build up.
  2. Read about these 3 majors internet marketing tools.
    • SEO – Search Engine Optimization – This involves natural rankings on Google Search for specific Keywords, which can also include SEO for the Map Listing in Google Places.
    • PPC – Pay-per-Click Advertising or Google Adwords specifically is where you run a campaign which is only charged when someone actually clicks to your website.
    • LPO – Landing Page Optimization is analyzing the website layout to look for areas that can be redesigned to systematically increase the number of users who convert to an email or phone call lead.
  3. Test the provider you want to use. Do they show up in the top of Google? Ask them for 2-3 client sites and 2-3 keyword samples for each to see proven success.

Once, you’ve built up some comfort around the subject, pick an Internet Marketing Plan to get market research on your industry.