Epic 4g Cell Phone Review: A Consumer Letter to Samsung about the Epic 4g Cell Phone Reviews

Dear President, I having been a Treo Palm user and now a Epic 4g user have found some large holes in the software of my Samsung Android cell phone.

1) There needs to be a Default Alarm Setting for the reminder of the Calendar. Right now, a user has to go in and choose an alarm reminder each and every time a new event is created. Very inefficient. So much easier to have default setting for an hour, 20 minutes or whatever I choose.

1a) Have a reminder setting so the alarm reminder can be set to go off, once, twice, three or 4 times with intervals of 5 minutes. See Palm Treo.

2) The Calendar needs a Customizable Repeat option. It needs the option to create a Repeat event every 2 days or every 3 days or the option to pick Tues and Wed every week.

See a Blackberry or Treo for this great feature. Right now, If I have an event that needs to happen on Mon, Wed and Fri I have to create 3 individual events and can only pick one day in the week to repeat. Very inefficient again.

3) I work from home, so the phone sits on the desk all day. I want to be able to press the volume button or on/off button to stop the reminder sound. Right now, a user has to go all the way to the reminder itself to shut the sound off. Disruptive at meetings.

4) No auto capitalize on messaging. I have to correct each “im” into “I’m”. The phone misses “youre” to be “you’re”. Time consuming extra steps you make the user do unnecessarily.

And entering a location on a calendar event. It starts with the virtual keyboard on letters as the default.

More addresses start with a number, please update the default to start on numbers/symbols keyboard.

5)The ability to hang up only one call when 2 lines are active. This may be with all cell phones.

6)Longer notification sounds. Yes, I can go to the Android Market. For a new user, have a few standard ones that are longer than 0.5 seconds long. Maybe 15-24 seconds long.

If you need consumer testers on your products, I will help you create superior products. There are a lot of holes in the Samsung Epic 4g cell phone Android product. I will be buying another phone soon unless upgrades are made.


Gabriel Dicristofaro

Business Oceans

303-521-5119 Direct



Have I shared how much Windows 7 fails badly?

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I apologize as this a general rant. Windows XP was such a superior PC product. You could customize more options and they were much easier to find. Rather than make the operating system that people loved work better, Microsoft decided to create a whole new OS with brand new problems.

My biggest complaint is that this 64bit system is supposed to be so much faster. I find that it runs the same or slower than the XP operating system I had before.

So sad are the days…