How to make Your Vehicle a Business Advertising Tax Write-Off?

Alternative Marketing Strategies

Expose more of your business while they Tail Gate

This is a very simple and brief post. Expose more of your business while they Tail Gate. As for the tax write-off, please check with a tax advisor to confirm if having Trunk Car Marketing is a good thing for you.

We put this advertising on the car to utilize the time spent driving in traffic. If we’re going to sit, dodge, swerve, and brake with Tail-Gaters in tow, might as well make ‘em learn about the business we offer. Some people sit in traffic for a long time looking at the bumper of the car in front of them. Don’t you?

With the marketplace getting more competitive, any inexpensive advantage you can get is worth it.

The time to get this done is 2-3 weeks. If you already have a logo designed, it’s only 1 week.

$599 includes the 3 Most Important Pieces of Marketing Information:

1) Company Name and/or Website Address

2) The Service or Product you offer

3) Phone Number

If someone is already in the state of buying (Read The Buying Cycle), then all they need is the means to pay for it and take it home.

Car Marketing is going to get them at the Learning Stage or the Shopping Stage. They will call or go to your website to learn more or compare your offering.

Interested in learning more about Trunk Car Marketing?

Call (the number in the ad on the car) or Email us for ideas on turning your car into a marketing write-off and lead generator. 303-521-5119. In case you can’t read the photo.