How Much is Pay-per-Click Advertising on Google Adwords?

Advertising on Google Adwords Sponsored Link campaign can vary drastically depending on:

  1. Avg. Cost-per-click – Click to see CPC estimate for ‘Hammers’
  2. How many clicks your business wants to have.
  3. The quality of your ads compared to other competitors bidding.

Here’s a small business owner who is an optometrist. He sells ‘sunglasses’ and ‘prescription frames’. There are 50 keywords in this client’s campaign.

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Here is another campaign where the client is a weight-loss surgeon. The Average Cost-per-Click is much higher than hammers. Take a look. This next client was quite an accomplishment.

When we started they were averaging $32.00 per click. You can see below, we managed the account and got it down to $15.00 per click making it a more efficient advertising tool.

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