How To Know If Your Small Business Needs A Mobile Website

Effective marketing is about showing up at the right place, at the right time, and with the right content.  People will find you on Yelp, Youtube, Google Places, Facebook, and other social sites. The question remains, when they find you there, will they choose you or your competitor?  There is one big element that many small businesses are lacking.  That is a mobile presence that supports their business.

If you want your business to be on the leading trend for growth you better be implementing mobile marketing strategies.  Mobile phones have changed the way businesses connect and expose their message to consumers.  Consumers have the power to instantly take a look at reviews of your business or products.  People are using their mobile phones to purchase, check reviews, find the nearest store, and most importantly, check out your small business. So it is imperative that your business as some sort of mobile presence.

Most websites do not convert well to a mobile device.  They are difficult to navigate and read.  80% of customers will leave your site if they have a poor experience.  With our clients, we have seen that at least 25% of their traffic is coming from a mobile device.  That means you are potentially losing one quarter of your customers.  Take a look at a typical website when viewed on a mobile phone.


Now take a look at a site that is optimized for mobile.  You can see that it is easy to read and the buttons are large enough to push with your fingers.  There is no need to toggle with zoom.  You can tell right away where you are supposed to go on the page.


So, do you need a mobile website?  The best way to determine is to log into you Google Analytics account and see how many people are accessing your site via mobile.  If you are a business that has customers finding you or looking for your service while they are out and about, then you do need a mobile website.

Having a mobile website is just the first step in accessing the mobile market.  There are many great tools to attract customers and keep your customers engaged.

P.S.  If you want to get started on a mobile marketing platform for your business, contact Business Oceans.