SEO Link Building Made Easy. Best or Worst Way to Build Links is to…

…pay attention. This is one of those moments when you can either grab the importance of internet marketing trends and get the success, or you’ll be nervous about something you don’t know about.

Read all you can about internet marketing, it is one of the new cornerstones for business marketing success stories. Whether, a company is big or small, they each get the same chance to be at the top of Google Searches whether with Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or with PPC (Pay-per-Click Advertising).

Both are valid strategies to pursuing new internet leads with search engine marketing as the primary portal.

PPC is created by Google when you create an Adwords paid linking account. You write the ads and Google will send them out to the millions of internet users looking for those keywords. Targeted marketing is one of the great advances of technology.

That’s what makes Google great, they guide the ads we create to match a user’s interest and trends.

Genius, for us and them.

However, let’s talk about the ever popular SEO or Organic Google Search Engine Marketing. This where the beauty of internet marketing strategies can be such a great tool. When a website’s keywords are ranking in the top 5 of Google and users looking for those keywords end up at your site, you have real leads, who were actively looking for what you provide.

Internet marketing consultants or link building services are a huge value to a business owner with a website ranking low on page 3 or 6 where no one ever goes.

One of the most important parts of getting your site up in the top 5 is seo link building. It’s not the only thing.  It can help a website gain traffic by increasing the ‘popularity’ of a website in Google eyes. If a site has a large number of quality seo links, Google notices.

For example, has 3,659 inbound links as of 3-22-12

This is the part, where we let you know that we can provide those link building services. We’ve done it for years now with great success for many Top 5 ranking clients. Well, you might ask, how many links do I need?

Good question. The simple answer is this. It depends on how many other websites are out there competing for your keyword ranking. *These are estimates. These are ranges based on internet marketing campaigns we’ve done for actual clients.

  • Low competition keywords – 300-2000 inbound links to a website
  • Medium competition keywords – 1500-5000 inbound links to a website
  • High competition keywords – 5000-100,000 inbound links to a website

The next good question, how much do links cost?

Simple answer is between $2 and $5 per link for decent links depending on the keywords within that range. This is usually spread out over 3-6 months with a continuing effort after that phase.

How to measure the quality of an seo inbound link is one of those internet engineering algorithms that is like reading chinese to the average person. SEO experts know and measure and track these for you.

Just make sure your seo internet marketing consultant sends you a monthly report with these three things:

  1. A Keyword Rank Report: showing where the website started out from and where its ranking is every month for all keywords you paid for. (Hint: hire another internet consultant to run double check reports.)
  2. A Google Analytics Keyword report showing the website’s most popular keywords to users.
  3. A Google Analytics Source report showing where each website visitor found the site. Google? Yahoo? Bing? Adwords?

You can get an internet consultant to install and run your Google Analytics reports for a few hundred dollars. Priceless information.

And, something else to think about…links are always disappearing. So, they need constant upkeep and replacing. If you have any questions, leave a post, email or give us a call.

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