Dropbox Review: Free Cloud Online Storage Space – 2.5 GB

For anyone researching free Dropbox cloud storage, I have updated this review of Dropbox with a letter to Dropbox below at the bottom AND they fixed the speed after that.

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UPDATED: 12-6-2012

Frustrated Letter to Dropbox. NOTE: They fixed the updating speed after this note


Hello, I have used Dropbox for quite a while now. I even had others sign up.

Unfortunately, the great syncing that you guys advertise as a benefit is extremely slow. I have now had at least 3 instances where a person saved the file, including myself sometimes, on one computer with no update to the folder or file for 2-3 days on other computers.

Again, I have now worked for 3 hours on a file to find out that someone else updated it the night before and I did not get the new updated synced file so I was updating on old file wasting time.

I find this experience very frustrating and will be seeking another backup system.

Gabriel Dicristofaro


With that said, for one way cloud storage with yourself, it is useful. For sharing files with multiple computers, it is a negative review for Dropbox from this cloud storage user. I will be seeking other options.

UPDATED. 3-18-2013

Great News!!! Now, when I change a file, it updates within minutes. Very good and I am now very happy with Dropbox services again.

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