Best Logo Design Marketing Strategies

When people look back in 20 years, the Internet will be seen as the foundation of marketing for business. Its uses now are so vast and expansive, internet marketing consultants are almost a requirement to sort out new marketing channels and strategy.

Any graduate of business school will confidently suggest that you will need a business plan or marketing plan. It may seem silly to some who build in small stages. They may not appreciate a plan as much as a person who sees 2-5 years into the future forecasting costs.

You’re reading this, so you must take pause and consider where your marketing and business targets are.

Does the logo and branding of your company attract the type of clients you want?

Would a marketing strategy with competitive data be useful to attack your competitors position in the market place?


That may sound aggressive to you. It is. There are usually at least…

5 to 500 Million Competing Websites for Each Marketing Keyword

EX: “Personal Training” – Has “About 482,000,000 results (482 million competing websites)” on Google’s search page.

All while the Internet marketing goal is to get customers to find the website that they want to find.

Here in lies the beauty of modern day internet marketing. What is the best marketing approach  is the important question?

Years ago I scoffed at the idea of taking time to organize market research and competitor data. It’s better to just jump in and go. Wrong. That marketing model strategy is outdated and needs an upgrade. The Internet is full of traceable data.

Internet Market Research is Titanium in a World of Glass.

Every piece of information that can be parsed about Marketing Keywords is vital. Knowing which keywords are searched for the most and how many competitors are also targeting that Keyword in their marketing campaign is a Point of Advantage.

Now, we know who and what people are searching for, so we can now target any consumer in a business’ marketing plan by creating new consumer-centric logo designs that fit that client’s demographic.

Branding Intelligent Consumer Focused Logo Designs

Logos designs are an important step in the marketing campaign process. If a customer finds you on the web, they only have the image in front of them to judge and assess the business you run, in about 3-5 seconds.

Here’s a client case study of an auto garage near an art district.


What do they each make you think of in terms of professionalism, cleanliness and being hip?

D) Old Store Front Sign

Does this old logo suggest 5 Star Auto Service Reviews? No

Does this old logo suggest 5 Star Auto Service Reviews? No

Yet, Gary’s, our client. was well reviewed online as a business with an upscale level of service. Free Shuttle service for local clients. Loyal customers for years and extra personal care.

C) Client’s old website logo

This is the old website logo. Notice it does not connect with the blue painted shop sign.

This is the old website logo. Notice it has a rust color in the background. They something clean and fresh!

So, we did a Landing Page Optimization Analysis (this opens to a pdf of a client sample) to find out what the best demographic to target is. This is an important step of website redesign.

One major element we learned from the Discovery Sessions with the client is that they had many more male customers than female customers. We suggested that females would be turned off by the sign and logos above.

Top 3 Ways To Improve this Logo Design

  1. “World Domination” is generally something mostly men think about, so they were excluding women with that tag line.
  2. The quirky blue spray painted sign was too low-end for potential customers to feel confident the service would be high.
  3. The color of rust or anything similar does not instill confidence. Cars and the idea of rust are in-congruent.

With that valuable information, we cleaned up the brand image to attract a more discerning clientele. This first pass at a logo is good isn’t it? Much cleaner and easier to read.

B) The  first pass logo

This is the first version designed to convey "clean and hip" to attract more female clients.

This is the first version designed to convey “clean and hip” to attract more upscale and more female customers.

This is now becoming about the logo. Which, you could buy cheap online for $300. Fine, it could work. However, my artistic and advertising background in tv commercials says more matters. This is a good logo.

If you saw the shop, the colors are way off. Plus, look at the right hand side of the picture’s color. It is kind of a “rust” looking color which no auto should have around its business. So why does it matter?

It matters because a logo is the only place to start the seed of the brand. It can be inexpensive. It will be okay. It can be and investment into a company’s future success if done correctly. That’s where I love working with clients.

Here’s the new logo.

This has a bit of a retro feel bringing up images of shiny cars.

Fresh and Clean! This has a bit of a retro feel bringing up images of shiny, well-maintained cars.

Here are the top 3 logo design goals.

  1. Mobile Friendly so the logo looks good on a small phone. That’s why we shifted to a 3-d feel.
  2. Soothing colors to engage the customer to stay on the website longer with a gender neutrality.
  3. Clear Font Readability. The customer knows it’s “auto service”. This is imperative to certain business marketing brands. That’s 2-5 more seconds we saved the customer to look around and find out “What?” Gary’s does.


When you are in the place where an additional level of marketing expertise will be a value, please contact us.


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2-21-13 UPDATE: We have uploaded the New Mobile Responsive Website Design for Garys’ Auto Service